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We improve communications access for people with disabilities.

Ability Central makes grants and collaborates with community leaders to improve communication and information access for people with disabilities.

We value our grantees as partners. We provide practical support in addition to our direct financial grants. We encourage our partners’ input through regular communication and grantee meetings in helping us achieve our mission.

Formerly known as the Disability Communications Fund (DCF), Ability Central has been a philanthropic organization since 2010.

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We award grants to nonprofit organizations in California that establish projects and programs designed to meet the communication needs of Californians with disabilities.

To learn more about our grants and the application process please visit our What We Support page.

Communication is a fundamental human right

Ability Central works to ensure that more people have the opportunity to exercise their right to communicate.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Promoting the expansion of quality communication access programs and services to individuals with disabilities
  • Strengthening the entire sector providing communication access for people with disabilities
  • Educating other grantmakers about the communication access needs of people with disabilities.

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