Ability Central 2021 Impact Report

Did you know?

In 2020-21, Ability Central’s grantmaking initiative supported organizations that served more than 56,000 people with disabilities, nearly doubling the amount served in our previous grantmaking cycle.

Keep reading to learn more about our programs and initiatives and discover meaningful stories from our grantees and clients about innovative projects benefitting people with disabilities.

Read the 2021 Impact Report.

What we’ve been doing

In 2020 and 2021, as complications from COVID-19 required ongoing adaptation and flexibility, we recognized this wasn’t business as usual. We expanded our philanthropic efforts to continue empowering our community as they supported vulnerable populations during challenging times.

We’re providing online resources for disability-related information and support, offering Salesforce CRM installation and technical assistance to other organizations working with Deaf, disabled, and neurodiverse communities, and expanding our grantmaking work.

Our impact in 2021

Ability Central is excited to share the impact of our efforts. Our community at every level has benefited from shared resources, collaboration, and financial support for innovative and transformative programs.

Dive deep into stories from our grantees about groundbreaking projects empowering people who are Deaf and disabled, learn more about our clients and the important work they do, and find out how you can get involved.

We are excited to bring you along as we transform the field of communications and information access. We look forward to a future where all individuals can realize their right and ability to receive information and express themselves.

Read the 2021 Impact Report.