We’ve Made Some Big Changes to the Ability Central Portal

Since we launched the Ability Central Portal in June of 2022, we’ve been collecting feedback and working behind the scenes to make some dramatic changes. Our team has made significant design upgrades, optimizing the site for a smooth user experience and a contemporary audience. But the Portal doesn’t just have a whole new look, it’s now more accessible and flexible than ever before.

What Have We Been Working On?


The Ability Central Portal now conforms to WCAG 2.1 Level AA web standards, joining only 2% of the top one million websites that reach these accessibility criteria.

“This new update brings the same informative content on the Portal into a more equitable space,” says Matt Cherry, director of philanthropy at Ability Central. “The W3C’s WCAG web accessibility guidelines are internationally recognized standards of inclusivity for digital experiences. Comprised of 50 success criteria, we are among only a small portion of websites that have reached this milestone. We’re proud to be a blueprint for digital accessibility and look forward to bringing information about disabilities to the widest audience possible.”

Flexibility and Expansion

The Portal now brings cutting-edge, flexible code to the foundation of the site. With an accessible and streamlined foundation, we are now ready to start adding new products, services, and resources for people looking for information about disabilities.

More Opportunities for Engagement

With all this potential for fresh, new content and features, we are ready to start doubling down on our marketing efforts, making the Portal the centerpiece of Ability Central’s mission. We aim to not only include material from other programs and our grantees, but also from organizations nationwide and their communities of contributors.

Interested in contributing content, events, or services from your organization? Now is a great time to get in touch – the Portal is best when we can bring relevant information and diverse perspectives to our users! Get in touch with us today.

More About the Portal

The Ability Central Portal offers unique databases and custom-built resources designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their support communities:

  • The Device Finder provides comprehensive accessibility information for every smartphone and tablet currently on the market
  • The Service Locator supplies detailed information and links to local support services anywhere in the United States, from community organizations to care facilities
  • The Event Database lists in-person and virtual events by and for the disability community
  • The Article Library offers a regularly updated hub for blogs, news stories, fact sheets, and videos covering research, technological innovation, and cultural insights into Deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent communities