Other Disability Funders

Not eligible for funding from Ability Central, but still want to explore ways to expand your work? Check out our curated list of foundations providing support to disability-focused organizations in California and beyond.

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Administration for Community Living


Disability Focus: Varies

Funding Priority: ACL awards more than one billion dollars in grants, primarily to state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education and small businesses. Some are awarded in accordance with formulas (mandatory grants) established in legislation, while others are awarded in a competitive process (discretionary grants).  ACL awards grants to states and organizations that provide services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities, conduct research, and develop innovative approaches to doing both.

Open RFPs (government grants)

Ahmanson Foundation


Disability Focus: Human Services/Education, Health and Medicine

Funding Priorities: The Ahmanson Foundation serves Los Angeles County by funding cultural projects in the arts and humanities, education at all levels, health care, programs related to homelessness and underserved populations as well as a wide range of human services.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

General, info@theahmansonfoundation.org

Bothin Foundation


Disability Focus: Varies; Building Renovation, Technology, Vehicle Projects

Funding Priorities: helps to build the capacity of nonprofits with grants for durable capital investments. The foundation makes capital grants to social service, academic enrichment, youth development, arts, and environmental nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to: disadvantaged children and youth (ages 0 to 24), low-income families, and people with disabilities. Serve significant numbers of the residents of San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, and/or San Mateo counties.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

If you are not sure if your request is aligned with the focus areas, please contact Avani Patel at apatel@pfs-llc.net

Please direct technical questions and feedback about the application process to Jennifer Perez Brown at jbrown@pfs-llc.net.

Borealis Philanthropy: Disability Inclusion Fund



Disability Focus: All

Funding Priority: The Disability Inclusion Fund (DIF) at Borealis supports U.S. groups run by and for people with disabilities leading transformational change. Its principles and practices draw from the disability justice movement and aim to build power and a society that is free of ableism and other discriminatory barriers. The DIF is committed to disability justice movement-aligned funding including a participatory grantmaking process that involves members of the disability community to guide funding decisions.

Open RFP

Contact Info

For more information about the Disability Inclusion Fund, email nbrownbooker@borealisphilanthropy.org

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation


Disability Focus: Paralysis

Funding Priority: Pioneered by Dana Reeve, the Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grants Program awards grants to nonprofit organizations that impact and empower people living with paralysis, their families and caregivers. The Quality of Life Grants Program, created by the late Dana Reeve, strives to empower individuals with disabilities and their families by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that improve quality of life through inclusion, access, independence, opportunities for community engagement, and other life-enhancing endeavors.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

General, QOL@Reeve.org

Consumer Technology Association Foundation


Disability Focus: Assistive Technology

Funding Priority: The foundation’s grants strategically support programs that improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities. Because we consider grants part of a partnership, we work closely with our grantees to ensure their programs’ success.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Contact Form – https://www.cta.tech/Who-We-Are/Contact-Us

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation


Disability Focus: Spinal Cord Injuries

Funding Priority: Sharing the vision of our Founder, Craig H. Neilsen, the Foundation is committed to a world where individuals with spinal cord injuries, and those who care for them, live full and productive lives as active participants in their communities.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Contact Form – https://chnfoundation.org/people/#contact

Dralla Foundation 


Disability Focus: Physical disabilities  

Funding Priority: The mission of Dralla Foundation is to make unforgettable days possible for adults and children with physical challenges by partnering with non-profit organizations and providing funding to support their events. 

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Contact Form – info@dralla.org 

Enterline Foundation


Disability Focus: IDD

Funding Priority: Funding priority will be for organizations that provide services for the IDD population and focus primarily on individuals over the age of 22, although requests from organizations focused on children will be considered. Funding requests for specific projects, as opposed to general operating support, are the most competitive. The Foundation has no geographic limitations and will consider applications from anywhere in the United States and abroad. To better focus our ability to impact the IDD sector, we are no longer going to consider event sponsorship.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Contact Form – https://enterlinefoundation.org/contactus

Ford Foundation


Disability Focus: Disability Justice

Funding Priority: Ford seeks to combat the inequity that people with disabilities face around the world. By using a disability rights lens, Ford identifies new opportunities to accelerate social change. The foundation’s grantmaking on disability rights and inclusion is focused on addressing structural discrimination and supporting policy advocacy and movement building. Ford does not typically support direct service provision—in general or around disability rights. Ford makes grants that are both disability-specific and disability inclusive. The former aim to advance the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in their design, activities, and implementation. Grants that are disability inclusive intentionally include people with disabilities (often amongst other communities) in the design, activities, budget and/or implementation. Ford prioritizes organizations and/or projects led by people with disabilities. Ford does not have a global grantmaking program focused on disability rights, so there is no one team that reviews and manages proposals related to disability. Instead, the regional offices and global programs employ a disability lens in their grantmaking approach.

Open RFPs

Foundation for Developmental Disabilities


Disability Focus: IDD

Funding Priority: We offer grants to nonprofit organizations for innovative programs that serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Grants usually range from $500-$15,000 with a maximum of $15,000 per grant. We typically fund programs focused on our four areas of impact which include employment, family support, housing, and self-advocacy. Our family support category encompasses initiatives focused on health and wellness, resources, and social connections— assuring partnerships that drive high-impact results for our community. Proposals must be submitted by San Diego and Imperial Counties-based nonprofit organizations.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Contact Form – https://www.foundationfordd.org/contact

Fox Family Foundation


Disability Focus: Blind/Low vision

Funding Priorities: Fox Family Foundation supports initiatives that break the link between poverty and vision loss. The foundation champions the advancement of workforce diversity and strives to ensure that accessibility and inclusion are central to building equitable communities. 

Open RFPs

Contact Info

General, info@foxgiving.org

Gibney Family Foundation


Disability Focus: Varies, Emphasis on Blindness/Low Vision 

Funding Priorities: The Gibney Family focuses 51% or more of their philanthropic efforts on organizations that support the blind and visually impaired. The Foundation’s focus is on empowering individuals with life challenges within each grant sponsor’s community. The Gibney Family Foundation strives to find sustainable solutions with every partnership that is made. Sustainable solutions could be independence for the individuals who receive services from organizations, or it could be long-term solutions for the organization itself. TGFF will only entertain one grant request per year. Traditionally, organizations are within the communities of our family members who live in various locations across the country. Funding areas include support for people with blindness and low vision; support for families, adults, and children; and support for people with disabilities.   

Invitation Only 

Contact Info

General, https://tgff.org/contact-us/

John and Wauna Harman Foundation


Disability Focus: End-of-life Care

Funding Priority: We seek to make an enduring contribution to society by supporting innovative end-of-life care public education and culture change efforts designed with the everyday American in mind. We want to help make discussions about medical care decisions more accessible and welcoming for people from all walks of life. We are particularly interested in projects that reach communities of color and we value creative approaches that connect to people in their everyday lives. 

Invitation only

Contact Info

Contact Form – http://www.jwhfoundation.org/contact

Kessler Foundation


Disability Focus: Varies

Funding Priority: Kessler Foundation leads the nation in funding innovative programs that expand opportunities for employment for people with disabilities. Our grantmaking is grounded in the belief that all people with disabilities have a right to pursue competitive, integrated employment and live with dignity within our communities. Inclusion in the workplace is the primary focus of our grant funding, which helps people with disabilities find meaningful work and gain independence.

Open RFP (availability and due dates vary by initiative)

Contact Info

General, KFgrantprogram@KesslerFoundation.org

Elaine E. Katz – Senior Vice President for Grantmaking and Communications, EKatz@kesslerfoundation.org

Kuni Foundation


Disability Focus: IDD

Funding Priority: Through our grantmaking and advocacy we seek accomplices who prioritize and advance the experiences and preferences of the IDD community. We fund projects and initiatives that enhance opportunity, possibility and quality of life for individuals who experience IDD. Increasing affordable, person-focused housing solutions is a priority. We fund a wide range of projects, including supported living, co-housing and inclusive housing models in response to the diverse needs and preferences of people who experience IDD. We primarily serve organizations in the states of Oregon and Washington.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

Robyn Shuey, robyn@kunifoundation.org

Contact Form – https://www.kunifoundation.org/connect-with-us/

Lavelle Fund for the Blind


Disability Focus: Blindness/Low Vision 

Funding Priority: The Lavelle Fund for the Blind is a charitable grant-making foundation dedicated primarily to supporting programs that help individuals who are blind or visually impaired live independent and productive lives. While priority for direct service grants generally is given to programs in the greater New York metropolitan area, the Fund also considers grant requests with wider impact both nationally and internationally. Funding areas include medical eye care, vision rehabilitation and resources, and education.  

Open RFPs (closed as of 6/11) 

Contact Info

Contact Form – https://lavellefund.org/general-inquiries/

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust


Disability Focus: Adults and Transition Age Youth with IDD or Physical disabilities

Funding Priority: The Trust aims to strengthen supportive services for adults and youth transitioning to adulthood with intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities, enabling them to maximize their ability to live independently, gain economic security through a rewarding job, and engage in an inclusive community through social and recreational opportunities.

Invitation Only

Contact Info

General Grant Info: https://smithct.org/grant-seekers

Eligibility Quiz:  https://smithct.org/grant-seekers/start-here 

Peninsula Endowment


Disability Focus: Blindness/Low Vision 

Funding Priority: The Peninsula Endowment’s Innovation Grant Program awards one-time non-recurring grants to qualifying nonprofit applicants who develop a new special project to fund during a grant cycle.  The Innovation Grant Program is not designed to fund the capital funding, infrastructure, facilities, operational, equipment, or routine programs of applicants.  Rather, the Innovation Grant Program has been created to fund special, one-off projects that align with the funding priorities of the Peninsula Endowment which focus on supporting special projects demonstrating innovations enabling access to written materials for persons with visual disabilities.   

Annual Open RFP 

Contact Info

Email: peninsula.endowment@gmail.com

Reader’s Digest, Partners for Sight


Disability Focus: Blind/Low vision

Funding Priority: Partners for Sight is dedicated to improving the lives of blind and visually impaired people. We believe these individuals should have the tools and resources necessary to lead independent, productive lives. Through our support of non-profit organizations that share this philosophy, we’re making the world easier to navigate for thousands of people, every day.

Open RFPs

Contact Info

General, dianna@partnersforsight.org

The Taft Foundation 


Disability Focus: IDD  

Funding Priority: The Taft Foundation has a primary mission to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. The Taft Foundation also aims to enhance the well-being of children facing serious illness. The Taft Foundation invests in non-profit service providers in the New York City Metro Area and Southeast Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties). The Foundation supports organizations that are mission-aligned and demonstrate a positive impact on the community, with a focus on reaching disadvantaged and under-resourced communities. We fund direct services that meet critical needs and demonstrate effective solutions. We do not fund capital projects, endowments, or academic research. Funding areas include intellectual and developmental disabilities and medical enrichment.  

Invitation Only 

Contact Info

Contact form, https://thetaftfoundation.org/contact-us

WITH Foundation


Disability Focus: Healthcare for adults with IDD

Funding Priority: WITH Foundation was created to provide financial support to organizations that promote comprehensive healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities. All grant applications should complement this mission and demonstrate how they will accomplish this overarching goal. Priority given to organizations located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Open RFP

Contact Info

Contact form, https://withfoundation.org/contact-us/

General, info@withfoundation.org