What We Support

While strong laws and policies guarantee individuals with disabilities the right to communication support to access their communities, there are significant gaps.

Non-profit funding and reimbursement structures barely cover the cost of providing services and don’t encourage collaboration.

Staff and educators lack training in supporting individuals with communication disabilities. Purchasing Assistive Technology (AT) is beyond the means of low-income families. Obtaining AT through public sources tends to be complex and takes time.

Ability Central awards grants to community-based nonprofit or educational organizations in California that establish projects and programs designed to benefit the communication needs of Californians with disabilities of all ages.

Innovative projects focused on adaptive technologies can change the way people with disabilities access information and communicate. Analyzing data to illuminate the communication gaps can inform the disability field and lead to improvement in access.

When individuals with disabilities have access to information and can express themselves they have access to self-determination, independence, education, health care, employment, and more.

two girls with Down syndrome sit by volunteers

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