Exponent Disability Funders Peer Group

Out of an informal dinner gathering of like-minded funders at the 2018 Exponent Philanthropy Conference in Philadelphia grew the idea of an ongoing exchange for small-staffed funders with an interest in supporting disability inclusion. Hosted formally by Exponent Philanthropy, the WITH Foundation and Ability Central co-facilitate a quarterly conference call of 8 to 15 philanthropic funders. The topics range from updates on each participating foundation’s disability & inclusion initiatives to sharing inclusion best practices and inviting nonprofits modeling inclusion as guest speakers.

four people stand together
Taken at Self-Determination conference co-hosted by Disability Voices United and Autism Society Los Angeles 2019. Left to right: Jesus Gonzalez, CCAF Board member; Ryan Easterly, Executive Director of WITH; conference attendee; Jessie Galloway, Ability Central Program Officer